Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The movie Unknown, starring Liam Neeson, is about a man who wakes up from being in a coma after a horrible car accident to find that another man has completely stolen his identity and his wife seems to be going along with it. Now he has to find out and prove who he really is and why mysterious men he has never seen before are trying to kill him.

We chose this movie because it looked really interesting and it just premiered this past weekend. Not to mention we are huge Liam Neeson fans, so of course, we were hooked by the trailer. He was also the lead actor in the movie Taken which was another amazing thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. Unknown was similar to Taken in that he is searching for a truth or loved one and kicking ass while doing it.

As for his other films that are relatively well known, such as, Schindler's List, Gangs of New York, Batman Begins and Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom; he was stereotyped as the mentor/trainer/father figure to a younger man. We loved all of these films and completely respect and admire his as an actor. He chooses action packed films that are so intense, you will never forget them.

We enjoyed watching Unknown, even though it is unrealistic in many ways, it was entertaining. And I had the chance to see a lot of Berlin and was introduced to how different people in Germany live. The European style complexes in the ghetto part of town with tiny living/bedrooms and bathrooms and walls that are paper thin. The hundreds of years of history mentioned in the movie when he met a Stazi from WWII I thought was quite fascinating because it made me realize how that could change the way they lived their lives knowing that communism was just 60 years ago, and not forgotten. Not to mention, the reason why Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) was in Berlin in the first place was to do a Bio-tech presentation and meet with a scientist who introduces an evolutionary crop: Corn that will grow and flourish in any weather. So the technology and scientific advances in the movie are "up-to-date", a long with whatever other explosives and guns they used throughout the movie.

We think the intended audience will be the same as "Taken." They are calling "Unknown" the sequel to Taken in that both movies feature an encounter at a foreign airport, and the main character is on a mission to find someone, while facing an opponent who is both stealth and extremely violent.

We thought the movie was good, but since it was so similar to Taken, it wasn't great. I am not the best at judging or predicting what event will happen next in a movie, but my grandma always knew exactly what would happen next. So was the plot predictable? Yes. Did it keep our attention? Of course it did. We were surprised to find out the director of this film is Jaume Collet Serra was the director to redo the film The House of Wax (2005). I'd say he did much better on "Unknown" and should stay away from scary movies that include Paris Hilton as part of the cast. The strengths of this film would be the suspense, intrigue, and action. The weaknesses would be how unrealistic and somewhat inconsistent it was. A wealthy American scientist who knows how to race cars in and out of crowded streets, and fight/kill without any previous training (so you would think). Personally, we found it a little odd the actress they chose to be Liam Neeson's wife in the movie (January Jones). She seems too young and pretty to be his wife, aside from the lack of chemistry. But the movie moved quick enough that you were taken on a ride and didn't notice these tiny discrepancies until afterwards. Well done, Jaume.

I wouldn't watch this movie again only because I feel like I have seen it all before. It wasn't a great movie and I feel like Taken was a much better version of it. I did tell my friends that I liked it, which I did, but it was only because it was an entertaining movie. It didn't teach me anything, or change my perspective, or make me want to see it again.

Liam Neeson is a great actor, therefore, I will continue to watch all his movies. He is pushing 60 yrs, and continues to kick butt in all his movies. Unknown was fun to watch but it was too predictable to be memorable. I liked comparing the movies he has done in the past to his recent ones and found that I learned a lot about his personal life and how he progressed to where he is now in his life and career. It's funny how a certain actor can get you to watch any movie they're in. Do what ever you want Liam, we will always love you!
-Loyal Fans

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